StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty: Preview of the game

Game StarCraft IIThe announcement of StarCraft 2 – the continuation of the cult and one of the greatest games in the genre of real-time strategies – held in 2007 at the Worldwide Invitational summit, hardly became a complete surprise to anyone. Rumors about work on the sequel circulated on the Net for more than one year and, although they did not receive any weighty confirmation for the time being, the players firmly knew – sooner or later StarCraft 2 would be. It’s worth to give Blizzard due – to hide secrets and keep people in suspense they know how well – to the surprise of many, after the announcement it turned out that work on the project was carried out since the release of WarCraft 3: The Frozen Throne. How not to twist, and such secrecy in the world of computer games is rare.

Events StarCraft 2 will unfold four years after the completion of Brood War. The United Earth Directorate suffered a crushing defeat, Mengsk retreated to Korhal, and the winning zerg went to lick their wounds on the volcanic crater Char. Over the past time, the slimy insect-like creatures not only solidified the health weakened in battles, but also evolved a little, giving rise to the light of God a whole brood of new disgusting monsters. The rest of the participants in the previous conflict – the protoss and the terrans – did not sit idle, preparing new fresh forces for the coming epic war.

Unfortunately (and perhaps fortunately), rumors about the fourth race – a hybrid of protoss and zerg, or even the mythical Xel’Naga itself, were rumors while developing the game, the authors did not forget to disavow carefully all such assumptions. At the moment, work on the plot of StarCraft 2 is completed by hardly a third, but already from the very announcement it was known that without the old friends in the sequel will not do. In addition to Kerrigan, players will see Jim Raynor, Zeratul, and along with them will, of course, and new, no less vivid and memorable personality. And let the primary focus of the developers from Blizzard are the network component, dramatic plot twists, emotional dialogues and carefully designed characters will necessarily become one of the distinctive features of the sequel.

The gameplay will not undergo any drastic changes, but all its main components will be improved and brought to perfection. The bias in micromanagement and fuss with heroes, as it was in WarCraft 3, is not expected, instead, the developers promise large-scale and dynamic battles involving hundreds of units. To please the scale, the creators even went against their old rules and allowed to allocate a green frame and send to the front any number of cannon fodder. Nevertheless, this does not mean at all that the restrictions on the maximum number of troops produced will also go to oblivion. As before, create a huge horde and trample the enemy will not work.

Free game StarCraft IIGiant Colossus, easily overcoming on its thin legs any obstacles, promises to become one of the most effective protoss units.
For the technical realization of all the numerous ideas of the authors, a new modern engine responds, which, in addition to drawing a large number of fighters for every square meter of the military field, is capable, not without the help of Havok, of betraying spectacular physics. Graphics StarCraft 2, as in all the latest creations of Blizzard, looks colorful and “cartoonish,” although to a lesser extent than in the same WarCraft 3. Special attention this time the developers paid to maps and backgrounds – grass, rocks, volcanoes on planets or stars and asteroids outside of space platforms – all this looks bright and alive. Nevertheless, not without a weighty spoon of tar – the polygons on the models are not enough, and the design of some new units looks, let’s say straightforwardly, pattern and faceless.

By the way, about the units. In addition to old friends from the first StarCraft and BroodWar add-on, players will certainly see competitive newcomers. However, according to the oaths of the developers, the jewelry balance, which was so famous for the original game, will not suffer at all, and, as before, there will always be a screw with each thread on each cunning nut. In other words, any strengths of the new recruits in StarCraft 2 are balanced by the weak, different types of troops perfectly complement each other, which means that it will not be possible to find a simple and universal recipe for victory.

In general, each race received worthy reinforcement in the form of fresh fighters and technology. The Protoss learned how to teleport their armies and set up energy fields at any point of the map, and along with it they got hold of huge walking robots dashing wildly through the uneven terrain. Zerg mastered the cultivation of monstrous worms a la Sci-Hulud from the “Dunes”, the insides of which are able to serve as an underground tunnel for the hordes of slimy creatures, and the terrans were able to build powerful turrets at the command center and transport up to five SCVs for accelerated deployment of bases. Of the new units also worth noting is the huge destructive Mothership Protoss, which can only be built in a single instance, the zerg-Kamikaze Baneling and a new kind of infantry terrains – the Reaper is easily jumping over rocks and cliffs with rocket satchels.

New game 2018According to the idea of ​​Blizzard the game should appear simultaneously all over the world on the PC and Mac, the console this time, despite rumors, were out of work. And although the network part of the project is actually ready, to expect the release of StarCraft 2 before 2009 is pointless, because the story campaign still requires careful consideration. However, hardly anyone will be surprised if in the future the release will be postponed, because, according to the developers themselves, to release the game on the market before it is polished to perfection, no circumstances can force them to do so. And about the fact that in the end we will get another masterpiece, the standard of the genre and the object of the worship of millions of players can not even be doubted – otherwise Blizzard simply does not know how.

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