Fallout 3: Preview of the game

Fallout 3: Preview of the gameAlready very soon, no later than in the autumn of this year, the long-awaited project and notorious bestseller from Bethesda will be on store shelves. For a long decade (!) The devoted fans of the almost great RPG were ignorant, took any rumor and speculation on faith, waited for news from Interplay and Black Isle – until it became clear that the third Fallout was finally and irrevocably closed at the alpha stage -testing, the development team is disbanded, and the publisher is grounded. The history of the cult series could have ended, but the circumstances were different, the rights to the single-sequel to Fallout left for Bethesda, and barely alive Interplay solicited a loan for the creation of an MMO project in the universe of one of the most successful of their offspring. Yes, all the same. Fallout 3 – completely different, a new game, which will be more accurately called a project based on the very “Renaissance” (thanks to the “filibusters” from the notorious office “Fargus” in Russia Fallout was remembered in this translation) – modern graphics engine, significantly updated gameplay and the structure of the narrative, and even the combat system – all on a qualitatively new level. Thus, the question “will it?” the answer is clear and long ago, but what to expect from the developers of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, undertaking to do a severe anti-utopia – until the end is not clear.

Asylum number 101, where the story of Fallout 3 originates, is located near the once very beautiful and majestic city of Washington, DC. Perfectly aware of the fact that players will have to stably surprise and impress, in order to avoid hasty conclusions from the fans, such as “the same soup, only worse,” or even “it’s not a” fall, “but some absurd fashion on Oblivion, the developers undertook to actively provide the gameplay with stylish, original and very organically fit into the setting innovations. For example, a player enters the world of Fallout 3 … a child. Yes, quite a kid – mama, dad, happy childhood in the back streets of the shelter and familiar rules of behavior in society, personal Pip-Boy (brand-new, clean) and, of course, an extremely important paternal birthday present – an impressive folio “You are SPECIAL!” . At first, we have to study only the way of life and culture of society, buried under the earth and the secrets of the surface of the unknowing. Over time, when the hero grows up, we get the first survival skills, and by the age of majority we will find that the kind father, voiced personally by Liam Nisan (“Batman: The Beginning”, “The Kingdom of Heaven”, “K-19”), somewhere thoroughly disappeared . Well, it’s time to get out on the surface, only first you need to crochet with the Guardian for life and permission to receive it …

New game miniclipAs expected, at the start, Fallout 3 will offer you to “paint” the faces of the future protagonist with your own hands, and all your efforts in this direction will be automatically taken into account by the program generator of persons who will later create the image of the father as similar as possible – a trifle, but nice. The role system remained the same, although it was subjected to extensive revision. Here the word “volumetric” is very much in the subject – except for predictable changes and improvements (balance adjustment, adjustment of skills for new conditions, etc.), developers have worked hard to adapt the role-playing system to a new specificity – Fallout now in 3D. And, in full. Step-by-step battles, too, went to the dustbin of history at the same time as the travel conventions on the map – now we’re staggering on our own two. Nevertheless, most of the branded chips remained in place. For example, the tactical screen of aiming has not disappeared anywhere, although it is difficult to say with certainty how convenient it will be to use in real time. Well, let them pause. But is this really the main thing? The main thing is that rats can still shoot eggs! There will also be occasional meetings during the travels, only now they will really be random, and they will have to be avoided manually – otherwise they relaxed painfully, by pumping the “scout”. The mouse clicks on the skip button of the unwanted meeting will not work any more, and if directly on the course the brigade of the muzzled super mutants – if you please creep out the adversaries behind the dusty hills and ruins. Here the easiest way is to give an example of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. If the same released “Zhdalker” was called Fallout’om about Chernobyl, then Fallout 3 is, ah, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. about Fallout. Well, or something like that. But only the camera also works from the third person, and the role component is much more extensive. But this is already understandable.

By the way, the developers are actively promising that in terms of dialogues, quests, the plot and all that sort of thing to us – the fans, that is – there is definitely no need to show discontent. Although the game world is not as large as one would like (though how to say – at this stage it grew many times and has already surpassed the Oblivion territory) and call it populous (people, of course, sane – not counting) can not, Every city, every quest, every side story is worked out in the smallest detail. Any problem, even the simplest one, can be solved in several ways, sometimes without knowing about the options, and sometimes even facing a severe choice. For example, the fairly quiet city of Megaton, which stands out among other things in the center of the “prospected” (well, as the New Year’s firecracker – not worked) nuclear warhead and a kind of religion, directly connected with this charge – one of the most important places in the world of Fallout 3. There’s enough key characters, traders, friends and enemies, but nothing prevents the player from graciously repairing the warhead and sending all the megatonov into the deep hell and further up to the heaven. The plot line is so multivariant that it allows, according to the developers, more than two hundred (!) Different endings, and make further passage impossible, erasing one of the key cities with a scarred face of the earth, simply will not work. In general, does not work. And it is not necessary, by the way. In any case, there is a taciturn dusty Washington and – attention – the subway there. An alternative to vehicles, which, it seems, will not be in the game. That’s just an alternative, this is quite severe and extremely dangerous, because in the shadows of branchy tunnels not only scallop Scorpions and Death Claws live, but also extremely dangerous mutants that regularly fly raids with check tickets. In general, you will not have to miss boringly.

How to play gameNot the least role will play and the notorious Radiant AI, which never managed to flash in Oblivion. Now the developers claim that everything is brought to mind. “Fuddies” in Fallout 3, they say, refer to each other by name, discuss current, and not abstract issues and in every way interact with the outside world, respond to events, not only in combat, but in peacetime. Plus, each character will be like a “gopher” – Personality that is. A prohibitive number of various dialogues and topics for conversation, an individual attitude to the player from each NPC, a group and a group, openly or purely ideologically hostile to each other – a complete set, in other words. And let it really is not the same Fallout, but for ten years passed since the release of the second part. The world is changing, progress is not standing still, and games are developing and changing a lot. Worse, whether they are better at this – quite another conversation. It is important only to understand that Fallout 3 will be the spiritual heir to the iconic RPG of the late 90’s, and, most likely, very, very good.

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